Your customers are searching their mobile device for you!

Is your advertising message where it really needs to be – on their mobile devices? If you are looking to attract foot traffic into your shop, then this will be the most important blog you will read today!

Without marketing, it is difficult to grow your business. But marketing on outdated or completely wrong mediums is just as detrimental to your business as no marketing at all.

How many of your prospective customers are flipping the yellow pages to find you? Or how many turn to the local paper’s classified ads to find out where they can get discounts today?

With over 55% of website visits now accessed through a mobile device it’s vital to ensure your business can be accessed by your customers on their mobile device, there is now a powerful location-based app that will get you front and centre when shoppers are looking for your type of business.

Introducing YogoBogo, a location-based mobile app for your town where you can:

  • Increase loyalty and communicate directly with customers through push notifications
  • Attract your customers by including special offers, discounts or coupons in real time
  • Micro-target customers as they walk past or browse your shop – when they’re most likely to buy from you
  • List special events taking place – and have your customers access them in real time
  • Entice your customers by giving them a virtual tour of your shop, restaurant or event
  • Have  customers vouch for you with ratings and reviews
  • Enhance your message  through videos of events, promotions or corporate message
  • Easily manage and update all this with just a couple of taps on your computer or mobile devices
  • Analyse real-time location-specific data to enable you to improve their shopping or visitor experience

Sign up today, and discover the advantage of  YogoBogo – the ultimate location-based app for local communities.

YogoBogo – where ever you go, you’re local!

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